Saturday, April 24, 2010

blog't see that coming

hi everyone. someone nominated my blog on this link below. i have no idea who did or why but am flattered:o). So if you enjoy my blurbs go vote. no pressure or any thing. but i do have to say that i NEVER win any thing when in a contest. lol.

i guess i should tell you to go to the link above, click on my blog and then you will see a vote now button. it took me a while to figure out how to vote*blush*.

Monday, April 19, 2010

overworked and underpaid

I have heard this many times from different people through out my 30 something years on this earth. I always thought that it only was meant for the 'business world' and not getting paid enough for the job done. Well it has recently been put on my heart that isn't entirely true.

I am a stay at home mom. I home school 3 out of 4 of my children. I try to take care of the needs of my husband, children and house. Most of the time I know I fall short and really struggle with that. I feel some what of a failure when things are chaotic and the house is destroyed, laundry is over flowing, dishes are in the sink calling to be cleaned, school work is put on the wayside, and the kids are turning deaf ears to my instructions. When my husband comes home and one or two things have been accomplished and his wife is a mess and almost in tears. Kids are running wild and.....well being kids.

I think of that saying so many people use. Am I overworked and underpaid for this 'job' God has blessed me with. Yes, you heard correctly...BLESSED me with. After the above paragraph I wrote I can honestly say that I am happy and blessed by my job. I have those days mentioned above and wonder if I am cut out for this. Then I am reassured when my kids tell me that they love me with a python hug and sweet kiss. Mo, my oldest, goes into her room and cleaning it when she knows that I am having an extra stressful day trying to get all my to do things accomplished. It makes me smile the moment I see all of my blessings sitting at the table helping one another with their school work. I especially feel overpaid when my husband comes home and smiles and gives me an appreciative squeeze for dinner being ready because he is starving.

Yes, I am overworked with the every day mundane tasks of being a SAH mom...well mom for that matter. But I wouldn't say that I am underpaid. My family pays me with their gratitude and affection. To be honest I do have those days when I feel burned out and underpaid, then one of my little ones comes up to me and tells me I'm beautiful, even in my old sweats, hair a mess, knee deep in dirty laundry. You see that is my job. To raise children to love no matter what or who you are. To help one another no matter what the circumstance. I could go on and on but you get the point.

Now in a few days or weeks I may come on here and post a venting rampage about a horrible, tantrum filled day when nothing got done or everyone one was in a bad mood and I need some mommy time....but that doesn't mean I have changed my mind. lol. Everyone has moments to regroup and take a few for themselves. I just need a listening ear to get it all out, get some perspective and remember why I do the job that I have.