Thursday, May 28, 2009

addison's blurbs


Me," Addison, help pick up the toys."

Addison," No thanks. "

Blurb #2:

Me," That's it. you aren't listening. it's time for a nap. "

Addison," NOOOO in corner." (time out in the corner instead of nap time)

She asked to be put in the corner. Go figure.

Monday, May 25, 2009

he is so brave

jacob has done an awesome job being around chasey. she was inside most of the day. Jacob had his blanket on the floor and shared it with the dog. he even leaned down next to her and petted her. we took mo and krysta to the movies. on the way back jacob said that he thought that chasey missed us. it has taken 5 years and many months...but he finally got over his fear.

we are so proud of him.

a brake through

If you know my son, you know how much he is afraid of our dog, Chasey. She has been in our family since way before he was born. She is a black lab/grey hound mix. She is still on the hyper side even though she is around 8 years old.

She pretty much has to stay outside when Jacob is inside. He screams if he comes across her. Very dramatic reactions toward the poor dog who only wants to kiss him and be petted.

Today was a brake through. Todd let Chasey in when Jacob was. J stayed on the couch for a while but didn't cry or scream. After a bit, he even got down and walked near her but still leery. By the 2ND or 3rd hour J actually tried to pet her. Todd held onto her and J did pet her. He was comfortable with her being near him. Yeah. You can imagine what a huge step that is for my baby boy.

Before he went to bed we had this conversation.

" Mom, I might forget in the morning that I am OK being around Chasey. "

" Jacob, I think you are going to do just fine. "

Todd and I made sure to tell him how proud we are of how brave he was today. That made him smile. I think he is proud of himself too.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

we have them too aunt lindsay

Aunt Lindsay posted about having a birds nest and now baby birds in a fern plant. Well, not too many days after that, we found a nest in our hanging plant on our porch too. Todd checked yesterday because I kept hearing chirping and wanted to know if they had hatched. He said that there are about 4 or 5 babies in there. I haven't been able to get a picture because it is up too high and I don't want to disturb them. Mama might not like that too much. So, Aunt Lindsay, we just wanted you to know that we have baby birds too. How are yours doing?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

scarred for life?

This morning the only 2 sippy cups clean were Aerial and princess. Addison picked the princess and I called Jacob to come get his. He likes to have a spill proof cup so he can take it outside the dinning room.

Well, once he saw it was Arial this is what I heard. "I don't want that one." stomping his foot with a scowl on his face. "This is the only other cup and if you are thirsty, you'll drink out of it." (such a horrible mommy) "It's TOO GIRLIE, I don't want it!" he says as he storms away with the Aerial cup in his mouth.

Did I just scar my only son for life?

Sunday, May 17, 2009


my man and the love of my life. Yes, it sounds cheesey but it is true. This man chose me to be his wife 12 years ago TODAY. God had it planned from the beginning, it was no surprise to Him.
Our "roller coaster" life is exciting, fun, scary, unpredictable, stressful but full of love. Todd is my rock, sound mind when I think I am about to go crazy, companion, comforter, aggravater, teaser, provider, the best dad to my kids and most of all best friend. We have grown up together and have made it through lots of trials and it has only made us and our marriage stronger.
Babe,I can't imagine my life without you. I love you and here is to another 12 years together.

Happy Anniversary, Todd!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

goodlooking boys

These are the men in our lives. Are they goodlookin' or what?

can't help but chuckle

I smile every time I look at this one.

Daddy let me take some pictures of him and the kids last weekend. This is one of my fav's because Addison doesn't just give kisses away. This time it was her idea and the word kiss wasn't even mentioned.


Last Friday night we went out to dinner at Macaroni grill for an early Mother's day celebration. Afterwards Todd surprised the kids with a trip to Sonic for dessert. What a treat! He pulled into the parking area and asked if they wanted a burger and Jacob looked at him like he was crazy. "Dad, I'm not hungry!" Kids fall for the silliest things.

On the way home, we are laughing and talking about how yummy their ice cream was...except Payton. Todd looks in the rear view mirror and asks her how her root beer float was.Silence....then "MMMMMmmmm!" and that was it. We cracked up because she wasn't going to take one second away from her treat to answer. Normally she is the most talkative one out of the bunch.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Where is she? I know I have a daughter with blonde hair, hazel eyes, about 5 feet, 90 pounds and is 12 years old. She goes by the name "Mo". I haven't seen her since Friday afternoon. Heard her voice on the phone when I was talking to Nanny....but haven't had a conversation with her. If you see or hear from her, would you point her in my direction. Please. I miss her.

Monday, May 4, 2009

mary, mary quite contrary.....

watch our garden grow. Well hopefully. This is what we started a month or two ago and this is the "fruits of our labor". This is our first year to start one. We decided to go small just it case it doesn't grow.
So far it is doing pretty good and we will be excited if it actually produces some vegetables. If we can only keep the pesky dog out of it. We have put up a "fence" to block off the area and she keeps digging under it or jumps on it to go over. I finally caught her and "scolded" her. Like that is going to help. Any suggestions on how to keep a stubborn dog out of your garden?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

gettin creative

too much

I love it. Just 10 seconds ago I am logging in my points on the WW website. Addison comes over to me and says,

" I'm thirsty mommy. I want othin' to dink. Get off the computer. "

Either I am on this thing too much or my youngest is getting too bossy. What do you think?