Monday, April 21, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

This Saturday we went to see the Christain Youth Theater put on the play Beauty and the Beast. My friend Robin told us about these awesome kids and was gracious enough to give us tickets. Her daughter was in it, she was a singing plate. How cute.

My mother in law, Susan, went with Mo, Jacob, Payton and me. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The kids never once tried to get up and run around, say they had to go to the potty, or squirm in our laps. They were captivated by every word, song, and dance.

Jacob said that he wanted to be up on stage during the show. Payton was in awe every time Belle changed her gown. She said they were soooo beautiful. Morgan even said that she had a good time.

After the show we were able to meet the characters. Jacob was focused on meeting the Beast. Payton just wanted to check out Belle's dress. Thanks to Susan, we got pictures.

Robin said that the next upcoming play will be Peter Pan. We can't wait for that one. Go to the website if you are interested in checking out this great group:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jacob....the he thinks

Jacob, " Why did the cow jump on a pig?"

Me, " I don't know, why."

Jacob, "Because it tried to go to the Crusty Crab to eat a peanut in a crabby patty."

He's four. He watches a lot of SpongeBob. But where did the cow and pig come from?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh, update on Mo

Morgan's appointment went well. She is getting blood work done tomorrow. She asked if Todd would take her. I am glad that he agreed.She is nervous because she has never had blood drawn before. My sweet sunshine....if I could take her place I would.

After they get the results the dr. will start her on medication for ADD.....

I never wanted to put Mo on medication for behavior but when all possibilities are exhausted and your child is asking to be tested and for help....what do you do? You do what is best for your child.

sleepy kids...and mommy you hear that???


I never thought in all my years before children that silence could be golden. If you're a mom or have even babysat, you know what I am talking about. For those who don't know me I work in the childcare area at a church. So when I am there I may not have my kids but I do have others. Well, I worked this morning until 12 and then came home with the 3 youngest kids to have lunch. Addy was asleep before we got out of the parking lot so I put her to bed as soon as we were in the door. I made lunch while my twinkies(twins) ran around the house like wild indians. Finally got them to calm down to a dull roar while eating. Then the bickering starts. "Mom, Payton moved my raisins." "No, I didn't." Me- "Payton, don't touch your brother's food. Jacob, quit tattling." Does any of this sound familair or is it just me???

After much playing and less eating, I tell them it is time to rest. They actually have to nap today because I am working tonight which makes bedtime later. I do not want to have cranky, tired kids at church. naps for everyone. Which starts the next drama of the day.....

I told Payton she could lay in our bed since I knew they wouldn't actually fall asleep if they were in the same room. So she decides to throw a screaming, kicking, hyperventilating fit!! You know the kind where she just can't catch her breathe and you can tell that she is still trying to scream. Mind you Addy is sleeping in the next room. This so unlike my Princess Payton.She is normally the compliant one. After realizing that she wasn't going to get her way she quieted down. I told her good night and left the room.

You're asking what about Jacob. He went to potty and got into his bed. No argument out of him today. He wasn't going to get into trouble. That was 5 minute ago and I haven't heard a word or sound from either of them.

Naptime for Mommy now......hopefully.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

mo's appointment

Tuesday is Mo' s appoint for a check-up and I am going to ask to get her tested for ADD/ADHD. Todd and I feel like we have exhausted all other possibilties. We have struggled year after year with school and home. When she was in 2nd grade we had her evaluated by the school counselor. She said that Mo was "at risk" but that what we were doing then was working. She didn't want to go any further with the testing.

Well, it is 4 years later and this year (5th grade) has been the abolute worst. She is sooo stinkin smart it is frustrating. For us and especailly her. So with lots of prayers we have come to this decision. Would you please pray for the doctor and us Tuesday. For God's wisdom and dicernment?

Has anyone been in our shoes and maybe have some words of wisdom or encouragement?

I'll let you know what happens at the appt.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

We have arrived.....

O.K We finally did it. We have joined the Blogg World. We cannot garauntee excitement, amusement, or adventure every time but can promise many stories about our wild, wacky life with 2 adults, 4 kids, and 1 dog. There is never a boring moment around here....well Morgan might say differently.