Sunday, April 13, 2008

mo's appointment

Tuesday is Mo' s appoint for a check-up and I am going to ask to get her tested for ADD/ADHD. Todd and I feel like we have exhausted all other possibilties. We have struggled year after year with school and home. When she was in 2nd grade we had her evaluated by the school counselor. She said that Mo was "at risk" but that what we were doing then was working. She didn't want to go any further with the testing.

Well, it is 4 years later and this year (5th grade) has been the abolute worst. She is sooo stinkin smart it is frustrating. For us and especailly her. So with lots of prayers we have come to this decision. Would you please pray for the doctor and us Tuesday. For God's wisdom and dicernment?

Has anyone been in our shoes and maybe have some words of wisdom or encouragement?

I'll let you know what happens at the appt.

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