Saturday, May 1, 2010

not even

OK, this post is mainly for my awesome mother in law, Susan. She has been getting the word out there for people to vote for my blog. She is the most wonderful, loving, encouraging MIL I could ever ask for. She is my biggest cheerleader and I love her.

Unfortunately.....the votes weren't even close to the winners. But I do have to say that most of them had all month to acquire votes. Oh well, the prizes weren't that good any way. *grin*

I didn't start this blog to win prizes or get hundreds of followers. Or to bestow my abundant amount of wisdom on you.(he-he)This is my journal, my way to vent, to let other wives and mothers know they aren't alone in there endeavors, and to glorify God in any and every way that I can....which isn't easy but so worth it.

So Susan, don't fret about the outcome of the blog competition. You worked very hard campaigning for you DIL and that makes me feel better than actually winning. I love you very much and am blessed to have you in my life.