Saturday, May 31, 2008

try it

Memorial weekend we went to Nanny and PawPaw's house. We had a lot of fun playing outside, jumping on the trampoline, and bar-b-quing. The most fun was when PawPaw set the sprinkler near the trampoline and we jumped and slid around on it. Mom didn't get pictures of that. Oops.

I wanted to dig in the dirt, so Nanny found me a hoe and I set out to work. I was having a grand time getin' dirty and filling the pail with sand. Then curiosity got the best of me.

Yes, I tried the dirt. At was kinda yucky. I spit and spit trying to get it out. Nanny tried to get it out too.

Then, I didn't think it was soo bad. It was a little funny and I started laughing. I got REALLY dirty so Mom said that it was bath time. I loved playing in the dirt so much, Mom found it in my diaper too. I can't wait to go play again. This time I won't eat the dirt...or may I will.



Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I am truly blessed. I have a very understanding, caring, loving, providing, laid back husband who has never, in the 13 years we've been together, told me I needed to do things differently. When the house is a war zone and he's wading through clothes, toys, kids, a dog, and shoes he doesn't ask ,"what have you been doing today?" And believe me...that happens a lot around here. I am NOT a neat freak.

He has listened to me vent and brake down in tears for the last 2 weeks. He has comforted me and told me that even if some changes come about in our finances he is behind me on the decision I make. He will never tell me to get a job when we are in a rut.

When I feel like the worst mother in the world, he tells me otherwise. He tells me that he thinks I am a wonderful mom who loves her kids. He understands how hard it is to be a mom.... and work outside the home. So he gives me a little slack...sometimes too much. God has convicted me lately of what my job is and how I have slacked off in too many areas of my life as wife and mom. Todd hasn't complained once.

He loves us unconditionally, pulls a 60 hour week and still finds time to love on us, helps me clean and/or cook on the weekends. He actually is a better cook than I am. That is a little hard to admit but true. He has really grown into his role has husband and father. He has taken his place as the head of our household after I dethroned myself......yes, God not so nicely brought it to my attention that I wasn't in the right place.

God has truly blessed me with my soul mate.Sometimes I forget that and can focus so much on all of the negative things that happens between us. That I completely lose track of all of the wonderful things that Todd does for me and the kids.

My Husband is the love of my life. Through all the struggles of marriage , parenting, and life in general he is my strength, comfort, and voice of reason. He is soooo much more............................

Happy Anniversary, Todd!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Riding in the car the other morning........

Payton had decided to wear her tiara that day. She was in a dress which isn't unusual for her and the shiny, sparkly tiara on top of her head. Jacob is sitting next to her. I hear them talking to one another.

Jacob," Payton, you look sooo beautiful today."
Payton grinning from ear to ear, " Thank you, Jacob."

I look in the rear view mirror at the sound of that sweet endearment and see them holding hands. How precious is that?


Most of you have probably heard by now about Morgan's test results. My Internet has been out of commission for a few days so I am behind on posting.

Every thing was normal! Whoohoo! Praise the Lord! I was a bit worried about it.....just a little. Now she just needs to talk with a psychologist to dismiss any thing else that could be going on in that brilliant mind of her's. Then we will start her on medication for ADD.

The girl is soooo smart. She got her reading and math TAKS results back. Reading was almost commended and math(the subject that she struggles so much in) she tested above average.

She has been having trouble sleeping the last 2 and a half weeks. I think that she is trying extremely hard to focus and do well in school (and life in general) that she gets worked up and cannot winddown. That her mind is so wound up that when it comes time to rest and relax...she can't. The pediatritian told me to give her Benadryl before bed for 3 or 4 days to get her in the "habbit" of going to sleep earlier. It has knocked her out but when I don't give it to her she is wide awake until 11 or 12 at night. I guess her body didn't get the "habbit". Any suggestions? We have cut out the sugar and caffeine before bedtime.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

appointment tomorrow

My Sunshine has a doctors appointment tomorrow morning. The office called today and wanted to discuss her blood work she had done about 2 weeks ago. It came back abnormal. I am trying not to worry about it because it could be something small or the lab messed up. But it may even be a blessing because this could explain all of the struggles that have been going on with her. If you think about it, would you send up a prayer for my Mo. She will more than likely have to give more blood. She was VERY brave last time, but she's like her Mom. She doesn't have good veins so they have to poke her a few times. NOT FUN!!

to cut or not to cut?

OK the debate is on.

Daddy and I both think that Jacob is getting a bit shaggy looking. THAT is all we agree on.

I say that it is time for a trim. I love the curls. I love that he has thick hair. I love that the young girls at church think that he is just adorable with his dimples and wavy hair....he really is a charmer. But it is getting hard to tame the wild in the mornings before preschool.

Daddy says his hair is fine and doesn't need a cut. He wants all of the kids to have long hair and can't stand it when I get it trimmed. The only time he was happy with Jacob's haircut was when he had a "slite" mohawk. You know when it isn't completely shaved on the sides?

so what's the verdict......

Princess Payton

Grandpa crowned her "Princess Payton". We all agree it suites her.
I think that she may like the camera a little.

Look at that smirk.

couldn't resist...

I couldn't resist posting this picture of Mo and Addy. I took this a few weeks ago when we were outside playing. Addison will take advantage of any opportunity my back is turned or in this case when I have camera in hand and on my knees. She decided to head for the street. In which she got a swat on the diaper...hurt her feelings more than any thing. Guess who she goes to for comfort??? Her Mo takes care of her every time.

My sweet girls....well 2 of em.