Thursday, May 1, 2008

to cut or not to cut?

OK the debate is on.

Daddy and I both think that Jacob is getting a bit shaggy looking. THAT is all we agree on.

I say that it is time for a trim. I love the curls. I love that he has thick hair. I love that the young girls at church think that he is just adorable with his dimples and wavy hair....he really is a charmer. But it is getting hard to tame the wild in the mornings before preschool.

Daddy says his hair is fine and doesn't need a cut. He wants all of the kids to have long hair and can't stand it when I get it trimmed. The only time he was happy with Jacob's haircut was when he had a "slite" mohawk. You know when it isn't completely shaved on the sides?

so what's the verdict......


Lindsay said...

Don't cut it! It's so cute. Although, it would probably be nice to have it shorter in the summer heat. He's cute either way in my book!

garrysusanwilson said...

I agree with Lindsay. It is fun to have it long for a while. How does he feel about having it combed? Does he cooperate?