Friday, October 31, 2008

busy busy busy

*******I found out today that the zoo trip is next Thursday not this one. That helps out a lot this week. Mo presented her report on Coronado this morning. She did very well. She said that one other kid did the same person. The teacher did not inform them that they had to present it without reading it from their paper. Mo did awesome!!! Some times I think that she isn't listening or paying attention. I guess I am wrong. I need to learn to give her MORE credit. Although it wasn't graded, the teacher did give her scores in each area. Oral, visual, speaking clearly,interesting...etc. Her next one is on Indians. She is somewhat excited about this because my Dad's grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee Indian. She is going to incorporate her in it.************

Today we are sooo excited!! Daddy comes home after being gone for days. We cannot wait!! We have missed him terribly.

Tonight we will go to our church's fall festival to have tons of fun and get lots of candy. I will post pictures of the kids in their costumes. So you just have to be patient to know what they are going to be for Halloween.

My mom is also coming to stay with us this weekend and go to a play with us tomorrow evening. My good friend Robin and her daughter are involved in a fantastic group. They are called Christain Youth Theatre and are just fabulous, talented kids. Most of them are home schooled. We went last year and saw them perform Beauty and the Beast. My kids LOVED it and couldn't wait for this production of Peter Pan.

Monday I have an appointment.....too time consuming and boring to go into more details.

Tuesday, Mo has co-op and has to present an oral essay about a Texas Explorer. She picked Francisco De Coronado, he looked for the "city of gold". As part of her presentation she needs something visual. We came up with making a clay model of the so called golden city. Hopefully with the help of her Daddy's creative ability, they can put it all together. I just come up with the ideas.....not an artist bone in my body. Did I mention that she has to talk and present for 5 minutes. She is nervous about that. Pray, pray, pray.

Wednesday, J and P have a check up. I am also asking the doctor to give P a referral to an urologist. She is having some issues and we need to figure out why. I am praying that things will go smoothly with this because you know how difficult insurance companies can be. P needs attention about this and not weeks and months from now.

Thursday is suppose to be Mo's science museum day but the home school group is going to the zoo instead. Of course I am keeping J and P home from preschool so that we can make a family day of it. Maybe if Daddy is home he will tag along.

Friday is free, so far. I may keep it that way!!! We have a busy week ahead of us.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

single white female looking for lost husband

Have you seen him? He is about 5'10", blond hair, blue/grey eyes, very good looking. He went missing this morning at 6:30am. If you see him, would you point him back in our direction?

Todd is in San Leon until Friday. He is helping rebuild damaged homes from Ike. My great Uncle is gracious enough to hire him out for the week so that we can pay a few bills. We are thankful for the help but it feels strange not having him at home. He was driving me a little crazy but I miss him all ready....and so do the kids. I had to call him before putting Addison down tonight. Every time a car went by the house, she got excited and called ,"Daddy!!"

As of now until Friday night it is just us girls and my little man of the house.......

Friday, October 24, 2008


Payton has show and share on Thursdays at school. It always co insides with the letter of the week. This week it was A. So we were brainstorming what she could take.

Payton said "apple"

Daddy said "Addison"

I ,being sarcastic after battling the pesky ants in our kitchen, said "ants"

Guess what she wanted to take........ants.

What she ended up taking was a photo ALBUM that grandma put together which happened to also have pictures of ADDISON in it.

No ants unfortunately. Her teachers might have been a bit mad at us if we had allowed that.

back home

Our visitor stayed over one night. Mo took her for a walk the next afternoon and the owners were driving down the road. They were sooo happy to find were T and I. They thanked Mo for taking great care of her. Mo was a little disappointed because she thought that we would keep her. ( we don't know where she got that idea? )

Monday, October 20, 2008

a visitor at our house

This is what Mo found on our doorstep tonight. Her name is Teddybear. She was hungry, scared, and shivering. Poor baby. She has a collar on but the number has been disconnected. My neighbor suggested googling the number. It was an address in HUMBLE. We think that someone has moved to our area and hasn't changed the dogs tags yet. So for tonight, we have a visitor that will sleep over. Hopefully we can find her owners tomorrow.

Jacob asked if we were keeping her? It figures, the one who is teffified of dogs. He actually rubbed on her a little. Todd and I made sure we let him know that she all ready has an owner. We just have to find them.

other plans

Unfortunately Todd didn't get the job I posted about earlier. He is frustrated about the whole thing. I could tell that he wasn't enthusiastic about the position but he feels like he has to get any job to provide for us. He wants to change careers because he is burned out. Which I can completely relate to.

My prayer has been that God would make it clear if this was the right job for Todd or not. I guess He did. I am actually at peace about him not getting hired because he would have been miserable doing something he settled for. God knew that and a lot more than we do. God has the job for Todd. One that is better than that other job. One that Todd is going to enjoy and will fit well with us. I pray that Todd realizes that this is a blessing. That God is still working on him and us for that matter.

I told Todd what we have been praying for. I can tell that something is going on inside that head and heart of his. God is working.......was there any doubt?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Belting out

Payton and Jacob had a fantastic time playing in their new crab sandbox that Grandma and Grandpa gave them for their birthday. So much that they were covered from head to toe in sand.

I told them to strip down outside(in the backyard..don't worry I'm not teaching them to be streakers). Payton has no problem. She pokes her head inside and asks if she was suppose to take ALL her clothes off. I don't know why she asked because she was all ready naked. She dashes through the house and into the awaiting shower.

Jacob, on the other hand, is my modest little man. He asks me if he has to take EVERY thing off. I can tell he isn't wanting to. I tell him to take it all off but the undies. He is happy with that. So off he goes to shower.

After about ten minutes, Todd and I hear this loud, singing coming from the bathroom. She is making sure that Jesus and the entire neighborhood can hear her beautiful song.

" I have follow JEEEESUS. I have deeeeecided fooooolow Jeeesus. No turning baaaack...Nooooo turning baaack!!!"

Payton very rarely is the singing one. At church Wednseday evening this is the song they learned. They were so proud of themselves because they both got a prize after singing it to their teacher. Payton and Jacob have been singing it ever since.

Praying that my children will decide to and keep following Jesus today, tomorrow and all ways.


Todd worked the weekend at a mechanic shop. He will go in Monday and find out "officially" if he is hired or not. He is sure that he is but the boss hasn't said it aloud yet.

He said Friday was good. The guys liked him and he worked well with them. ( I had no doubts. Todd is a great person.) He was really tired when he came home and sore. Saturday he had a bad day. Not necessarily bad....but a bit discouraged. He used the word...rusty...when doing something. Sometimes he tends to be harder on himself than he should. He doesn't realize how smart and talented he is. When he doesn't get some thing the first time...he's very hard on himself. Not to mention the fact that he is being evaluated to get a job.

Would you send a prayer up for my hubby? It has been stressful for him the last month.(stress being an understatement) Pray for wisdom with this job and any other that might come along. For God to make it perfectly clear where He wants Todd. Pray that Todd can relax and be at peace because God is in control.

Monday, October 13, 2008

More pictures of our fun time at the Pumpkin Patch. Thanks to grandma and grandpa!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

new bike!!!!!

Thanks to our great neibor Mr.Phill i got 2 new bikes awesome right?I got a mongoose bike that is blue and another bike. If you didn't know 1 of my old bikes got stolen and the other got ran over.tomorow me and dad are going to ride to gether.Now that my dad doesn't have a job we have been spending alot of time to gether and it has been relly fun to. Now i don't have to walk or ride Jacobs bike the is to big for him.. YAH

Pumkin Patch

Today we enjoyed a wonderful day at the Pumpkin Patch. We had decided that is where we would take J and P for part of their b-day celebration. Also to make a family day of it. We invited Grandma and Grandpa to come along with us. The kids had a great time and we did too.

We took tons of pictures with the pumpkins and the kids liked to climb all over them. We went on a hayride through the patch and saw the Christmas trees, animals, and playground. The patch is near a small airport so planes kept flying over us. There was a giant spider made out of hay bails and pipes that the kids liked to climb. There was also a pen with two goats to feed and watch. We were so proud of Jacob because he touched the goats. He is scared of animals and was very brave today. It didn't take any coaxing.

Payton was so funny. We were able to borrow wagons to pick out our pumpkins. She was so grown up pulling her wagon along searching for just the right one. Jacob decided his was too hard to pull and asked if I would help him. Mo being the amazing sister she is, had Addison in hers looking for both of them pumpkins. Addison loved being toted around....for a little bit. Then ,the big girl she is, she had to get out and do every thing her older siblings were doing.

We had an extremely good time today. We really were happy that G'ma and G'pa came along with us. I have added a new album to our other web page of our trip today. We got some good shots so go check them out.

twinkies Birthday

Yesterday was my babies' birthdays. J and P turned five years old. I am in denial that my twinkies are growing up. It was a long pregnancy with numerous scares and lots of stress. Preterm labor at 24 weeks and about three months of bed rest. But by God's grace, and His alone, my babies are here with us healthy, happy, and just plain enjoyable.

They both make me smile daily. They are complete opposites in every way but two. They love the Lord with all of their hearts. They love their family and show it all the time. They enjoy lots of cuddles, kisses, and plain ole luvin'.

I pray that J and P will continue to grow in their faith to our Lord. I pray that we do them justice in raising them. I pray that they will never lose their compassion for others. J and P are amazing kids that I know will be successful in all that they do.

Happy birthday Jacob and Payton!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

lots of stuff

Jacob," K's not a word. Right Mom?"

"Yes, Jacob. You're right. How did you know that?"

Jacob," I know lots of thing because I turned five today. I'm going to know lots of stuff now."

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

its Mo

heyy the Science museum was awsome! we walked around after our 1st class thats when we did the star fish.they had a jiant bucket full of them and we only used 5 of them 1 for the teacher, 3 for my class mates and 1 for me. i didn't want to do it at first but then i changed my mind. it was all gooie in side we cut off 1 leg and cut another 1 in half . Then it was over the guys were like finaly and im like NNNNNNOOOOO.well guess what im the only girl in my group of 2 teachers , 4 kids including me but im not complaing im used 2 it most of my friends are guys.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Saggin Butt

Got your attention!!!

We went to Old Town Spring the other day with my aunt. It was a very nice day. We really just went to window shop, let the kids run around some, eat lunch, and visit. We stayed a few hours and enjoyed going into a few shops and letting the kids play up and down the stairs and on the decks. The owners didn't mind.

We decided to hit one more store before leaving. It was full of different bath ducks which the kids loved. As we were leaving, the owner stopped me and gave me a free gift. He said it was because my kids were so well behaved. I said thank you, feeling pretty good about getting something for free and having someone notice my kids behavior. That is the good behavior.

As Mo and I are walking away we look at what he gave me. It was some bath salts which I love. But as I turn it over to see what kind...I was somewhat first.

Saggin Butt Bath Salts.......
When your butt's a saggin, just pour 2-3 tbs under hot running water. A blend of essential oils etc.....makes a great soak for sore muscles& aching joints.....

I mean, YES, I carried 4 kids,2 at once. And I still haven't got my prebaby body back(will I ever!) But did he have to call attention to my derriere. *grin*

Thursday, October 2, 2008

a mom's request

I received an e-mail from my mother in law, Susan. She started out by saying how much she liked reading our blog. I always know something else is coming when she begins with the positive stuff first. He He. I love you, Susan.

Then she goes on by asking me to change the color schemes because her "old eyes" can't read it that well. So, because I have such an amazing 2nd Mom and I love her dearly. I abidded by her request. Here's to you,Mom.