Friday, October 31, 2008

busy busy busy

*******I found out today that the zoo trip is next Thursday not this one. That helps out a lot this week. Mo presented her report on Coronado this morning. She did very well. She said that one other kid did the same person. The teacher did not inform them that they had to present it without reading it from their paper. Mo did awesome!!! Some times I think that she isn't listening or paying attention. I guess I am wrong. I need to learn to give her MORE credit. Although it wasn't graded, the teacher did give her scores in each area. Oral, visual, speaking clearly,interesting...etc. Her next one is on Indians. She is somewhat excited about this because my Dad's grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee Indian. She is going to incorporate her in it.************

Today we are sooo excited!! Daddy comes home after being gone for days. We cannot wait!! We have missed him terribly.

Tonight we will go to our church's fall festival to have tons of fun and get lots of candy. I will post pictures of the kids in their costumes. So you just have to be patient to know what they are going to be for Halloween.

My mom is also coming to stay with us this weekend and go to a play with us tomorrow evening. My good friend Robin and her daughter are involved in a fantastic group. They are called Christain Youth Theatre and are just fabulous, talented kids. Most of them are home schooled. We went last year and saw them perform Beauty and the Beast. My kids LOVED it and couldn't wait for this production of Peter Pan.

Monday I have an appointment.....too time consuming and boring to go into more details.

Tuesday, Mo has co-op and has to present an oral essay about a Texas Explorer. She picked Francisco De Coronado, he looked for the "city of gold". As part of her presentation she needs something visual. We came up with making a clay model of the so called golden city. Hopefully with the help of her Daddy's creative ability, they can put it all together. I just come up with the ideas.....not an artist bone in my body. Did I mention that she has to talk and present for 5 minutes. She is nervous about that. Pray, pray, pray.

Wednesday, J and P have a check up. I am also asking the doctor to give P a referral to an urologist. She is having some issues and we need to figure out why. I am praying that things will go smoothly with this because you know how difficult insurance companies can be. P needs attention about this and not weeks and months from now.

Thursday is suppose to be Mo's science museum day but the home school group is going to the zoo instead. Of course I am keeping J and P home from preschool so that we can make a family day of it. Maybe if Daddy is home he will tag along.

Friday is free, so far. I may keep it that way!!! We have a busy week ahead of us.

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