Sunday, October 19, 2008

Belting out

Payton and Jacob had a fantastic time playing in their new crab sandbox that Grandma and Grandpa gave them for their birthday. So much that they were covered from head to toe in sand.

I told them to strip down outside(in the backyard..don't worry I'm not teaching them to be streakers). Payton has no problem. She pokes her head inside and asks if she was suppose to take ALL her clothes off. I don't know why she asked because she was all ready naked. She dashes through the house and into the awaiting shower.

Jacob, on the other hand, is my modest little man. He asks me if he has to take EVERY thing off. I can tell he isn't wanting to. I tell him to take it all off but the undies. He is happy with that. So off he goes to shower.

After about ten minutes, Todd and I hear this loud, singing coming from the bathroom. She is making sure that Jesus and the entire neighborhood can hear her beautiful song.

" I have follow JEEEESUS. I have deeeeecided fooooolow Jeeesus. No turning baaaack...Nooooo turning baaack!!!"

Payton very rarely is the singing one. At church Wednseday evening this is the song they learned. They were so proud of themselves because they both got a prize after singing it to their teacher. Payton and Jacob have been singing it ever since.

Praying that my children will decide to and keep following Jesus today, tomorrow and all ways.


Lindsay said...

That is so cute!

garrysusanwilson said...

It is so wonderful to see our grandkids having a heart for the Lord. Thank you to our kids (all 4 of you) for continuing to teach our grandchildren about Jesus.