Monday, October 20, 2008

other plans

Unfortunately Todd didn't get the job I posted about earlier. He is frustrated about the whole thing. I could tell that he wasn't enthusiastic about the position but he feels like he has to get any job to provide for us. He wants to change careers because he is burned out. Which I can completely relate to.

My prayer has been that God would make it clear if this was the right job for Todd or not. I guess He did. I am actually at peace about him not getting hired because he would have been miserable doing something he settled for. God knew that and a lot more than we do. God has the job for Todd. One that is better than that other job. One that Todd is going to enjoy and will fit well with us. I pray that Todd realizes that this is a blessing. That God is still working on him and us for that matter.

I told Todd what we have been praying for. I can tell that something is going on inside that head and heart of his. God is working.......was there any doubt?

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garrysusanwilson said...

Amen. We continue to pray. I know God is dealing with him, and with all of us through this. There is much to be learned in the waiting, and until God has accomplished what He wants, the waiting will continue. But how sweet that you can rest in His perfect wisdom as you wait for His plan for your family. And I know you all are enjoying having Todd around. How great for your kids (and you too)!