Sunday, October 12, 2008

new bike!!!!!

Thanks to our great neibor Mr.Phill i got 2 new bikes awesome right?I got a mongoose bike that is blue and another bike. If you didn't know 1 of my old bikes got stolen and the other got ran over.tomorow me and dad are going to ride to gether.Now that my dad doesn't have a job we have been spending alot of time to gether and it has been relly fun to. Now i don't have to walk or ride Jacobs bike the is to big for him.. YAH


Loy said...

People can see what a specail person you are. That they want to make you smile and tell you that you're great. I hope you enjoy your bikes that Phil gave you. I know that you'll find a way to say thanks to him.

i know Dad is having fun with you too.

garrysusanwilson said...

Thank you Mr. Phil! What a blessing to have good neighbors. And I'm so glad God is bringing blessings from your dad being out of work. God is truly awesome!

AuntieB said...

What a wonderful neighbor you have in Mr. Phil. Hope you and your Dad have a good time riding them.