Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumkin Patch

Today we enjoyed a wonderful day at the Pumpkin Patch. We had decided that is where we would take J and P for part of their b-day celebration. Also to make a family day of it. We invited Grandma and Grandpa to come along with us. The kids had a great time and we did too.

We took tons of pictures with the pumpkins and the kids liked to climb all over them. We went on a hayride through the patch and saw the Christmas trees, animals, and playground. The patch is near a small airport so planes kept flying over us. There was a giant spider made out of hay bails and pipes that the kids liked to climb. There was also a pen with two goats to feed and watch. We were so proud of Jacob because he touched the goats. He is scared of animals and was very brave today. It didn't take any coaxing.

Payton was so funny. We were able to borrow wagons to pick out our pumpkins. She was so grown up pulling her wagon along searching for just the right one. Jacob decided his was too hard to pull and asked if I would help him. Mo being the amazing sister she is, had Addison in hers looking for both of them pumpkins. Addison loved being toted around....for a little bit. Then ,the big girl she is, she had to get out and do every thing her older siblings were doing.

We had an extremely good time today. We really were happy that G'ma and G'pa came along with us. I have added a new album to our other web page of our trip today. We got some good shots so go check them out.

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