Sunday, October 12, 2008

twinkies Birthday

Yesterday was my babies' birthdays. J and P turned five years old. I am in denial that my twinkies are growing up. It was a long pregnancy with numerous scares and lots of stress. Preterm labor at 24 weeks and about three months of bed rest. But by God's grace, and His alone, my babies are here with us healthy, happy, and just plain enjoyable.

They both make me smile daily. They are complete opposites in every way but two. They love the Lord with all of their hearts. They love their family and show it all the time. They enjoy lots of cuddles, kisses, and plain ole luvin'.

I pray that J and P will continue to grow in their faith to our Lord. I pray that we do them justice in raising them. I pray that they will never lose their compassion for others. J and P are amazing kids that I know will be successful in all that they do.

Happy birthday Jacob and Payton!!!!

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garrysusanwilson said...

Happy Birthday Jacob and Payton! We love you too, and think you both are so special.