Sunday, October 19, 2008


Todd worked the weekend at a mechanic shop. He will go in Monday and find out "officially" if he is hired or not. He is sure that he is but the boss hasn't said it aloud yet.

He said Friday was good. The guys liked him and he worked well with them. ( I had no doubts. Todd is a great person.) He was really tired when he came home and sore. Saturday he had a bad day. Not necessarily bad....but a bit discouraged. He used the word...rusty...when doing something. Sometimes he tends to be harder on himself than he should. He doesn't realize how smart and talented he is. When he doesn't get some thing the first time...he's very hard on himself. Not to mention the fact that he is being evaluated to get a job.

Would you send a prayer up for my hubby? It has been stressful for him the last month.(stress being an understatement) Pray for wisdom with this job and any other that might come along. For God to make it perfectly clear where He wants Todd. Pray that Todd can relax and be at peace because God is in control.


Lindsay said...

I've been praying for a job for Todd and am glad to hear this one looks good. Is it closer to the house?

garrysusanwilson said...

Praise God that He is in control. And what a sweet prayer we are asked to pray. We certainly will, and have been praying. God has so much He wants to teach Todd, and all of us, through this. We think Todd is great too, and so grateful he has a wife who believes in him and praises him. Todd, God is blessing you!