Sunday, November 2, 2008


Ladybug....aka.....Addison who had a fun time being silly. She was definitely in the zone of being a bug, pesky little thing. She hammed it up for the camera for as long as she could stay still. Quick little bug she is. We could get her to look at the camera but a second and then she was off again. The wings didn't last long on but she still looked cute. One lady at the festival told me that I was young and could make another baby just as cute as her, so she was taking Addi home. Then she saw Payton and oohed and aahhed over her.

Ironman...aka....Jacob. Daddy had the honors of getting him ready. Pull on the suit and POOF, muscles appear. He thought that was cool. He was in an uncooperative mood when it was time to take pictures. His mind was on one thing and one thing only, CANDY. He didn't want to fuss with getting his picture taken. He wanted to get to our church fall festival NOW. Not ten, fifty, or twenty minutes...NOW. (what can I say, he is just like his mommy.)
We stopped by Grandma and Grandpa's to trick or treat and got lollipops. He was excited about getting his first piece and wanted it then. We tried to get him to show off his muscles but he was being shy. He did see a lot of other Ironmen at the festival.

TinkerBell.....aka.....Payton. She was so fun to dress up on Halloween. I really think that this might be a favorite occasion of hers. She actually gets to wear make up away from home. She was too cute getting ready. I pulled her hair up in a ponytail and curled it. I applied powder, blush, eyeshadow, liner, mascara and lip gloss....she was in heaven. To top off the outfit, Nanny sprayed gold glitter ALL over her hair and body.
Saturday night was the play of Peter Pan. Guess what Miss Thang wore? Yes, her Tinker Bell costume. Jacob decided that he wanted to wear his too. I think we got our moneys worth out of them.
No pictures of Mo. She really hasn't dressed in the last 2 years. Pre-teen years have begun.
I'll post the rest of our pictures on the shutterfly website. Go check then out.

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garrysusanwilson said...

You got some great pictures. They look so cute.