Friday, November 7, 2008

My drama queen

Oops, I mean princess. Addison is the queen around here.

J and P were in the backyard, Addi was napping, Mo was doing school work and I was in the shower. P comes in and asks to play in the front with the neighbor. I tell her not now because she couldn't be in the front alone. She leaves the bathroom.

I get out about 5 minutes later. As I am toweling off, here she comes again. She is whining trying to tell on Mo. I tell her that I cannot understand her when she whines. Also that she needed to think about if she was tattling to get someone in trouble or because someone was going to hurt themselves by doing some thing wrong. We are working on not tattling so much around here. She continues to have a whiny tone. I tell her that she needs to come back when she can talk without whining. I turn her toward the door and guide her out and shut it.

Going into my room I can hear her and J talking outside. I peak out the window and listen. P is standing by the trampoline and J is jumping. P is pouting with arms crossed in front of her, lip protruding. It really was a site. J is showing concern for his younger twin. He asked if she was upset because I wouldn't let her play with the neighbor.

Here is what my darling daughter replies. "Mommy said that I could go out in front after she is out of the shower. She is and I was trying to say to her and she pushed me like this(hitting on her shoulder) and shut the door!!" J spots me peeping then,so that was the end of that little white lie.

I know that P didn't think that she was stretching the truth. I had hurt her feelings and that is how she I had pushed her out the door and slammed it in her face. I have to tread lightly with this young lady. She wears her heart on her sleeve.

She is better now, her Daddy came home tonight. She got lots of snuggle time. So much that her bedtime came and went....maybe an hour and a half later. But it was worth them enjoying each others company.

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