Monday, November 10, 2008


The grocery store I shop at had an awesome sale going on that ends today. I was able to buy 10 item combinations, limit 3 times, and get 5 dollars off when checking out. I happened to have coupons for numerous things which worked out FABULOUS!! The total cost of my bill was $131.28, I saved $76.03. So I walked out of the store only spending $55.25 of the total bill. My jawed dropped when the cashier told me how much I saved. I am a believer of coupons now. Oh, I did learn some thing new. You might know this already but if you don't FYI. If you have a store card that gives you more savings, if it isn't scanned before they start scanning your groceries. It won't double or triple any of your coupons. Sneaky.

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