Tuesday, November 25, 2008


If my camera's battery wasn't dead I would post a picture of Payton's artwork on her closet wall.

I don't know about your kids, but mine love to play in the closet. I went in there to hang up clothes and just happen to move a lid to a container. It was leaning on the wall. I found Addy written "ABBY" and the beginning of "PAY".

Now I know that Addison didn't do it because, let's face it, she isn't a prodigy....yet. And Jacob just isn't into spelling right now. So, that only leaves one other person. One that loves to do classwork and begs for more letters to write. How could I punish her for writing on the wall when she is so excited about how well she is doing on spelling.

When Mo is doing school work, Payton wants to do hers. So I get all three of them settled at the table. Payton is excited and races through her letters. Asking for more. Jacob grumbles, trudging through the first page asking if he is done yet.

I know that my Mom is grinning as she reads this. It reminds her of a time when a certain little girl of hers engraved her name in the door of our old, blue van. Backwards L and Y so proud of spelling her name.

I guess the saying goes....Like mother like daughter.

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