Monday, April 21, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

This Saturday we went to see the Christain Youth Theater put on the play Beauty and the Beast. My friend Robin told us about these awesome kids and was gracious enough to give us tickets. Her daughter was in it, she was a singing plate. How cute.

My mother in law, Susan, went with Mo, Jacob, Payton and me. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The kids never once tried to get up and run around, say they had to go to the potty, or squirm in our laps. They were captivated by every word, song, and dance.

Jacob said that he wanted to be up on stage during the show. Payton was in awe every time Belle changed her gown. She said they were soooo beautiful. Morgan even said that she had a good time.

After the show we were able to meet the characters. Jacob was focused on meeting the Beast. Payton just wanted to check out Belle's dress. Thanks to Susan, we got pictures.

Robin said that the next upcoming play will be Peter Pan. We can't wait for that one. Go to the website if you are interested in checking out this great group:

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garrysusanwilson said...

I just chuckle when I look at Jacob in these pictures - he was really taking it all in! I'm not sure he quite knew what to think about some of it, but he did seem to enjoy it. Me too! Maybe someday we'll see him on stage.