Monday, May 25, 2009

a brake through

If you know my son, you know how much he is afraid of our dog, Chasey. She has been in our family since way before he was born. She is a black lab/grey hound mix. She is still on the hyper side even though she is around 8 years old.

She pretty much has to stay outside when Jacob is inside. He screams if he comes across her. Very dramatic reactions toward the poor dog who only wants to kiss him and be petted.

Today was a brake through. Todd let Chasey in when Jacob was. J stayed on the couch for a while but didn't cry or scream. After a bit, he even got down and walked near her but still leery. By the 2ND or 3rd hour J actually tried to pet her. Todd held onto her and J did pet her. He was comfortable with her being near him. Yeah. You can imagine what a huge step that is for my baby boy.

Before he went to bed we had this conversation.

" Mom, I might forget in the morning that I am OK being around Chasey. "

" Jacob, I think you are going to do just fine. "

Todd and I made sure to tell him how proud we are of how brave he was today. That made him smile. I think he is proud of himself too.

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garrysusanwilson said...

Tell Jacob we're proud of him too! It will be nice to have your family united.