Sunday, June 28, 2009

ER trip???

OK, this is the first for Todd and I with any of our kids. And leave it up to Addison to be the one to do it. I don't know if you can tell in the pictures but those two teeny tiny objects are plastic, flower beads for bracelets. I was out in the garage and Todd was inside with all four kiddos. When I returned I noticed Addie playing with something, picking at her ear...laughing. So after a second or two I asked her what she was doing.

"Ear mommy." was her reply. So if you know my youngest child you'd know why I automatically went into SEMi-panick mode. I look in her ear and see one of those beads. Great!! We inform Daddy of the situation and I get to work on figuring out how to remove the object. It is barely inside the canal but not easy to get. I am unable to retrieve it so Daddy tries. He is able to get it and figures he's done....

Well, Mamma wants to make sure Addie didn't put more in there. She tells me that yes, in fact, there is another bead. OK, this one might not be as easy to get because she shoved it more down to make room for the last one. I'm thinking we need to go to the ER so they can get it out. Daddy, the calmer one says no he can get it......if the 2 year old can only sit still long enough.

Yeah, daddy get's it lose and out. Thank you, Lord! Now I decide to REALLY look inside those tiny ears to make sure there isn't any thing else. NO, that's it....... until next time. Praying this is the last time.


mrs_otg said...

Oh NO!!!! I dread that day. Okay, so we kinda had that once before, but the raisins weren't put through the ear...they came out through the nose after Gracie choked on them. Out pops a grape, that started its life in our home as a raisin. Anyways, that second photo of Addie looks just like Loy!!! She looks just like you!

garrysusanwilson said...

And I wonder what goes on at your house as I sit quietly in mine. I think I'll quit wondering and make up my own much less traumatic, very boring version! Bravo Todd (the guy who shot his sister almost in the eye with his BB gun).