Monday, September 14, 2009

discovery toy party

Hi all. You are more than likely tired of hearing about Discovery toys, but if I want to sale I gotta get my info out there. I am having a party at my house on Saturday Sept 19 at 3 pm. If you are interested in attending and didn't get an invite in the mail, leave me a post and I will get back with you on directions. Would love for you to come. If you can't make it, you can host a party yourself with my help. Depending on the amount of money your party makes, you can earn FREE toys or half off. And if someone at your party signs up to host a party...more goodies for you. OK, that wasn't so bad was it. I kept it short and sweet.

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garrysusanwilson said...

I'm having a party! Some of you others out there need to jump in and have one too! Who wouldn't want free toys?