Sunday, October 11, 2009

double belssings

In less than an hour will be when 2 of my 4 blessings came into this world. I can look back now and breathe a huge sigh of relief and see the wonder and awe of our precious heavenly father at work. Though it was a difficult pregnancy with emotional, physical and financial stress, it was worth every moment. Those two wanted to enter this world at 24 weeks and it took every thing we could possibly do to keep them in that cozy uterus for as long as we did.(almost 36 weeks) But only by the grace and mercy of God do we have 2 healthy, happy, loving, beautiful, thoughtful, rambunctous, bickering, tattling, comforting, cootie avoiding, booger picking, obnoxious talking, sweet, endearing, compassionate, and God loving twins.

Jacob and Payton are so special to us. When we planned on just one more to add to our family, God blessed us with double the blessing. We can't imagine our life without them. They each bring something different to our family. Unique in their own way, but sharing a bond only they understand. I pray that they will always feel that way toward one another.

Happy Birthday, Jacob! Happy Birthday, Payton! Happy Birthday, my twinkies! We love you so much and think you two are the coolest 6 year olds we know.

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