Tuesday, April 28, 2009

week #2

Today was my second week on weight watchers. It has been a week in a funk with Payton getting over an ear infection, Addison trying to get sick and all of this crummy rain. So I wasn't on track like I should have been. I didn't work out but maybe once and didn't drink all my water like I should have. But I did stay on track with my points....at least I did something right. Well, weigh in was today and I really didn't want to get on the scale. Holding my breath, I stepped on and I am down 2.5 more pounds. Not exciting but I can't complain it is a lose. I really thought that I hadn't lost any. So, I am getting back on schedule with my workouts and hydrating.

I am determined to get my prebab(ies) body back after way too many years. I know that won't happen because I was 115 when I got pregnant with Mo. It has been over 12 years and I ain't no spring chicken any more. Plus pregnancy does some mean things to a woman's body....and age...not to mention gravity*grin*.

Not expecting miracles, just a healthy mind and body.

One of my closest friends was going to ask if I was sick because I had lost a little. I told her "yes, I am sick. Sick of being overweight."

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AuntieB said...

Good for you I'm proud for you, loosing weight is sooo hard. Keep up the good work!