Monday, January 18, 2010

Addison turns 3

I am a little sad. Addison turned 3 years old yesterday. She is my last one and is growing out of the baby stage. Who am I kidding, she came out grown. This little person thinks she is a big kid. I guess since she has 3 older siblings that is to be expected.

The morning she was born, I remember the dr. placing her on my stomach and it was love at first site. Corny I know but oh so true. I told Todd that she didn't look like the other kiddos. YES, she looks like ME. I was so excited that one of them resembled me. I mean, come on, I do all the work and Dad gets all the glory.

Addison is such a character. Nicknamed Queen A (as in queen b) she tries to run the show...ok she does a lot of the time. One of her most used phrases is " you're not the boss...I the boss." I hear this often when she is playing with the twinkies. It doesn't help that they normally give into her. She is just too darn cute not to when she bats her eyes and looks all innocent. We are in trouble!!

We are blessed with the last addition to our family. She continuously makes us laugh and gives awesome BIG hugs. Happy Birthday Addison!! We love you!!


garrysusanwilson said...

We love her too, and are so glad she's our granddaughter! Happy birthday Addie!

Rajat said...
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