Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Making changes

They say it takes 3 weeks to make a habit. I am determined to make good ones this year. Our life around here is mostly chaotic. Which I hate to admit is a lot of my fault. I am the biggest procrastinator you will find and that isn't good. But at least I realize it and am working to change it.

I am GOING to have a schedule and stick with it! Yes, I know that there has to be some give and take on it since we do homeschool. That doesn't mean that it has to happen often and whenever I think I need an excuse to just be lazy.

The first weeks in January have been hairy. I will say that with the holidays and all the family being at my house has been part of it. I was ready to pull my hair out and scream like a maniac just looking around at the clutter and mess. I made a commitment a few years ago that I wouldn't continue screaming at the top of my lungs to get the kids to do their chores or whatever it was that I told them to do. I am ashamed to confess...it happened... too much for my liking.

So changes are coming in the Wilson house. Good ones. Yes there will be trial and error, maybe too many for my liking, but it will happen. I know not to set my expectations too high because it will not happen over night. There will be many tears and tantrums on both sides. So, feel free to ask how it is going. You may want to wait a month or more so you don't get you head bit off. *grin*