Friday, September 26, 2008


Morgan has the opportunity, once a month, to attend classes at the science museum. The first one was the Thursday before Ike and was cancelled because of traffic and safety issues. The make up day was yesterday. She was extremely excited about going. I was unable to go with her so she rode with a friend. When she got home she couldn't talk about any thing else but dissecting a starfish. She thought it was fantastic to be able to use the scalpel and actually cut open a starfish....or any thing else for that matter. She explained how they cut one of the "legs" off and saw what was inside. They had enough for each child to have their own. I asked what else she did. Oh, they had a skyscraper class and just walked around was her reply. They didn't see the hissing cockroaches, butterfly exhibit or go to the IMAX. I couldn't get any specifics out of her because it wasn't as interesting as dissecting. My Mo's favorite subject is science. I am grateful that she is able to do this. One of the wonderful opportunities of being home schooled.

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