Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My sister and her family finally got their electricity back on late Saturday night. It was 2 whole weeks that they were without power!!! Can you believe that?

They packed up and went home Sunday evening. I know that they are happy to be home. Now we are trying to get back on track here. M, J, P and A are all in their own beds at the normal bed time. It has been rough getting on our schedule. There has been whining, back talking, arguing, moodiness, and struggles. I can't blame the kids. Their lives were turned upside down for a couple of weeks, I can't expect them to jump right back to the way things were. It is going to take a few days....or even a week.

J and P finally went to school today. It has also been 2 weeks that they've been off because of Ike. They were sooo happy to go back and see their teachers and friends. I am glad that they are enjoying preschool. P's teacher told me that she thoroughly enjoys her. That she is very creative and not shy one bit. That made me feel good for P. It puts my mind at ease some what to know that she is doing well when I am not around. The first day she was clingy and wasn't sure about being in a class without J. She is my sweet girl and has been wanting extra attention from me lately. I have taken advantage of it too.

J told me that he made 2 new friends. He also said that a little girl in his class kissed him. What kind of school am I sending my kids to! Ha ha. I guess he's going to be a lady's man. I can definitely wait on that. He is a sweet boy and is always concerned for others....especially the girls. I was on the phone yesterday and he sat down by me and started rubbing my back. I asked what I did to deserve that. He said only because he loved me.

Mo's homeschooling is going well. We have to play catch up since we weren't doing work while my sister's family was here. But all is well because there is no stress with trying to get every thing done at a certain time. We are blessed and truly are having a good time with this new adventure. I have seen a subtle change in her attitude and attention span since we have begun homeschooling. I know that this is what we are suppose to be doing. Mo is a smart girl and will succeed in every thing she sets her mind to.

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